• Sound of Silence

    Ever occur to you that our lives are full of NOISES? Bussle of traffic, radio, typing on a keyboard, television, ac hum through the vents, mouse clicking…the list goes on. What’s funny though is that our ears are so accustomed, immune if you must, to the noise we hardly notice it until its all gone. Only then do our ears become full of silence and feel so …light! Been waking up early as and its during these wee hours of the morning that I finally hear the silence. Kids fast asleep, hardly no traffic on the roads, television off…just me and my thoughts. I usually wander around my garden crushing a sisi afelika here and there and just enjoy the fresh air, the occasional moa koko e and just immerse myself in the quietness. So peaceful, so relaxing. I don’t know how else to start a great day and I don’t care if you are reading this and think im a little crazy cause my theory is: we are all borderline mental anyway!

    Over and out.

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