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    Some things I came across while cleaning my office and packing ready to leave this job.

    The following verses were scribblings I found on a piece of paper next to the dress patterns above. I think these were scribbled during a lecture in 2008 when I was studying for my post grad dip. Shows how 'interesting' the lecture must have been. Hmnmnmn, think it mightve been the Monitoring and Evaluation one. hahaha.

    The other two images are invitations to Nola and Celia's hen parties. Funny how cleaning and going through junk you come across so many things that remind of things..so many memories.

    I liken you to jam
    Sweet richness
    Can be tangy
    Sometimes seedy

    I liken you to October
    Dashes of sunshine
    Bursts of bloom
    Other times, some gloom

    I liken you to my hair
    Almost always tied up
    Rarely set free
    Abundant, course, wirey

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