• superstition

    So last night, I dreamt of someone getting married. I woke up and the images were still very vivid in my head. My friend Nell's sister Rodania was getting married on the same day as Nola. Weired cause Nola was married in 2004 (I think). There were images of Nell, Helene, Tasha and I hopping into a car to go to the wedding.

    Now, I have noticed that there is a Ve'a squeaking its freaking whistle outside somewhere.

    If you are samoan, you would know what these two things mean - someone is gonna die!

    Kinda weird too cause someone is always gonna die. We are all gonna die.

    Oh well, thought id post up my superstitions. You know what my next post will be about: Who died.

    The End.

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