• Good news

    In March I took another saliva test, one year after the first, to check my progess in rebuilding my adrenal glands, etc. And I recently had the phone consultation follow-up with my doctor in Atlanta (Dr. Taylor). He said that my cortisol levels (stress hormone produced by adrenal glands) are rising! And whereas a year ago I was way below normal levels throughtout the day, I am now mostly within the threshold of "normal"!

    Of course, I'm not nearly out of the woods yet, as I'm just barely within the threshold on the low end, but that's progress for sure! It means that what I'm doing (rest/nutrition/supplements/low stress) is working, and I just need to keep doing it. Yea! Praise God! Of course, this all corresponds exactly to how I'm feeling (better, but not 100 percent yet), so that's confirming as well.

    Please let me know if you would like to take this test. I can tell you all about it! And point you in the right direction (toward my cutting-edge doctor).

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